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Moonlight Slumber™, for decades, has built top-quality, safer, innovative sleep experiences for the medical and baby industries. Moonlight asked our team to tap into a new segment, the highly competitive mattress industry, after leading them through a rebrand for Moonlight Slumber.

The New Snooze Logo

The Brand Challenge

Moonlight, while experts in specific niche sleep industry sectors, now face a challenge—how do we leverage their award-winning experience to position them as an influential leader in a new product arena? How do we take market shares away from firmly established giants like Casper, Purple, Nectar, Helix, and T&N, all battling for the same end users?

The End User

Leverage our current customer base from our highly lauded and well-loved crib mattress products and our award-winning Comfort-U to build a foundation and prove our product is better.

The Solution

The only way to compete in this industry is to leverage how we are a better product meeting the unique sleeping needs for all of our broad-range end-users: back sleepers, side sleepers, plush is best, firm is a must, cooling vs. warming, antimicrobial (hypoallergenic), moisture protection. Thankfully as a manufacturer that can sell direct, our possibilities for innovation are endless and allow our products to be customized to meet every need. We start with a dual-sided option (Firm/Firm, Plush/Plush, Firm/Plush), and an antimicrobial material.

For our identity, we realized the landscape for mattresses all felt similar: highly stylized lifestyle imagery, soft and serious voice, and carbon copy look. We wanted to break through and breathe a little fun back into the bedding industry. So, we asked ourselves—what does a brand that has fun look like? Like, jumping on the bed type of fun? And we arrived at a name that represents rest but still has a playful quality: Snooze. Instead of a heavy dose of photography, we bring joy and a dash of quirkiness with situational illustrations, vibrant patterns, and a voice that sounds like a mom joke (like a dad joke, but with more substance and less eye-rolling).

The Outcome

We’re excited and proud to say that Snooze has officially launched! Feel free to head on over to the Moonlight website and help out our KPI's. 😉

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