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Revitalize the Moonlight Slumber brand and create a design system to support all Moonlight divisions - Moonlight Slumber baby products, Moonlight bed-in-the-box product offering, Comfort-U body pillows, University Sleep dormitory mattresses and Teale Medical mattresses.

Focus primarily on evolving and solving challenges for the Moonlight baby division - the bread and butter of Moonlight’s identity.

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The Brand Challenge

Moonlight is a multifaceted brand with a multifaceted audience. The challenge was to develop a holistic brand umbrella under which all Moonlight divisions could live. Juggle B2B and B2C audience expectations while maintaining a consistent brand identity. And above all, let Moonlight’s mom-and-pop-ness shine. Celebrate a big business with the values of a small one.

The End User

The Moonlight brand needed to speak to a variety of players - decision makers on college campuses, contacts in the medical community, and both expecting and new mothers. We set our sights on understanding the ins and outs of the Moonlight baby end user - new and expectant mothers.

Especially when it comes to their first child, mothers are students. They’re eager to absorb as much informative content as possible. Trust is essential as they make informed decisions for their family.

While facts, certifications and manufacturing processes are important, a sense of familiarity is also key for this audience. They care about science behind the product, but don’t want to be spoken to in technical terms.

The Solution

Using the Fenix Growth by Design model, position Moonlight as experts in the sleep experience with family-first creative.

Our creative team showcased the brand’s humanity through modern illustration, complemented by geometric lunar shapes. We established one distinct brand voice that could be tweaked to target multiple segments with varying behaviors, intentions and expectations.

We set Moonlight up for social media success by providing a comprehensive social playbook. Instead of a PDF or Keynote presentation, we delivered an interactive website to function as a living document.

The Outcome

In April of 2020, Moonlight achieved its most profitable month in the history of the company. Moonlight doubled its previous monthly sales record of $14,000, and the numbers continue to climb. The team at Moonlight proudly attributes a significant portion of this success to Fenix’s Growth by Design model.

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