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Reposition Beauty Brands to celebrate and empower all women by providing value and expertise through salon services and well-priced products focused on hair, skin and nails.

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The Brand Challenge

In a saturated world of beauty retailers - Ulta, Sephora, Sally Beauty Supply  - what space can Beauty Brands not only occupy but own? How can we appeal to those who embrace beauty exploration while supporting those who’ve found a tried and true beauty regimen?

The End User

She’s looking to enhance her natural beauty, not embrace superficiality. She yearns to feel welcomed, known, valued, celebrated and, above all, understood. She may have an established beauty regimen she’s been using for years. She may also be open to exploration as beauty trends shift and evolve.

We consider her a value conscious consumer, but we also know she’s willing to spend a bit more in certain beauty categories. She’ll spend half of this month’s paycheck on a skincare regimen, but she’s not above drugstore eyeliner.

The Solution

From the top down, Beauty Brands is a family focused company. They are family owned and operated, with loyal associates that have supported the company for years. “Your home for beauty” seemed a natural fit.

To replace the brand’s flagship dragonfruit pink, we explored a monotone color palette that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the industry. A modern take on the Beauty Brands pink elevated the look without sacrificing familiarity.

The Outcome

New management comes with a new strategic approach. Beauty Brands has undergone many changes over the past 10 years, creating a strong need for a new rallying cry.  Our team was excited to give them just that. As we roll out our rebrand over the next few months, we are eager to measure the shift in sentiment and sales that should follow.

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