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Our relationship with the Summit Group spanned many projects, restaurant openings and brand identity operations. Summit Grill, Third Street Social, Pearl Tavern, Boru Ramen and Cellar Wine and Spirits - Fenix developed all of these brands from the ground up in collaboration with the owners of Summit Group.

Summit Restaurant Group Logos

The Brand Challenge

After the success of their first location in the suburbs, Summit Grill was eager to venture into a new market in Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood. It was clear the brand needed some rethinking in order to accommodate a variety of locations, consumers and type of cuisine. Our team was tasked with creating a comprehensive brand umbrella to house Summit Grill, Third Street Social, Pearl Tavern, Boru Ramen and Summit Cellar & Spirits.

Across all avenues, we maintained the warm, cozy feel patrons have come to expect of Summit Grill. We embraced the feeling of neighborhood, infusing quaint community into every detail.

The End User

Our end user values a sit-down experience with uniquely prepared dishes. Whether enjoying a piping hot ramen bowl, Sunday brunch or Kansas City’s freshest seafood boil, they view the eating experience as a time to come together with friends and family. That means the experience should last. This crowd loves to linger. Appetizers, entree, dessert - if you’re going to sit down for an expertly prepared meal, you might as well do the whole shabang.

The Solution

We infused a unique identity into each restaurant, capturing the essence of the experience. For each restaurant, our team executed brand identity, website design and content as well as on-site elements such as menus, exterior signage and interior exploration. Since time spent in the restaurant was a major factor for our end user, the space was an essential element of the eating experience.

The Outcome

All Summit Group restaurants are currently thriving, a staple in the Kansas City food community. I mean, have you been to mimosa brunch at Summit? We highly recommend it. But we’ll admit, we’re biased.

At Fenix, we measure success in many ways. The Summit Group was highly complementary of our work and, through word of mouth, connected our team with many future clients. A continued, trusted and successful studio/client relationship will always be a major win in our book.

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