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Introducing Fenix Strategic Design


Things change. Our design studio is no different. Brands look to us to set the standard, establish and enact best practices, anticipate challenges and forecast shifts in a constantly evolving industry. Evolution is essential.

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work reimagining our agency model. We recently shed our name to adopt a new identity – Fenix Strategic Design. We believe this brand better reflects our values, capabilities and the strategic thinking that strengthens every decision we make.

Our new identity stems from the cyclical nature of creation – what goes around comes around. From project to project, we always get smarter. We refine our processes, hone our skills and serve our clients in new, innovative ways. We’re experts, until we’re not anymore. Then we take it upon ourselves to become experts again, constantly pursuing better, more intentional design.

This mentality shift has also infused new life into our creative process. We take a comprehensive approach to every challenge, working with our clients to determine the why that informs the how across a brand’s life cycle.

While things have changed, we want you to know we’re still the same boutique agency you know and love. We’re still backed by Bernstein-Rein and its 50+ years of advertising and marketing expertise.

Follow along as we step into this new phase as Fenix Strategic Design—we believe there’s more to your brand, let us show you.

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